Voicing of the Voice

Written by: Joey LeBlanc

Reality TV shows fuel America for entertainment. The genre of reality TV shows ranges from random people physically fighting to people fighting in a competition for a certain prize. The Voice is a famous reality TV show that deals with singing, similar to another famous reality TV competition show, American Idol.

New Season of The Voice
Photo from: http://www.christianpost.com/news/the-voice-season-10-news-miley-cyrus-joins-as-key-adviser-season-10-airs-february-29-156839/ Sing! The judges of The Voice pose for the new logo for the tenth season. The judges for the new season that premiered on February 29, 2016 are (from left to right) are Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton.

However, The Voice is much different, compared to American Idol. In The Voice, all of the auditions are blind. The judges sit in chairs with their backs faced to the stage and will push a button that will spin them around when they like the singer and agree to have that competitor on their team.

Another aspect of The Voice that is different from American Idol is that all of the judges have different teams of singers. These judges compete, along with the singers on their team, with the other judges and their team members.

The judges will turn around if they like the singer, and the singer will go to their tea, unless more than one judge turns around. If more than one judge turns around, the singer gets to pick which judge’s team they want to be on.

A new season of the aggressive singing competition has just begun on February 29, 2016. This is the tenth season of the show that airs on NBC every Monday and Tuesday at 8 o’clock Eastern Standard Time.  

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