Teacher of the Month: February

Written by Malica Casey

Terri McNease was nominated as the Teacher of the Month for February. Ms. McNease, herself, is the Spanish teacher as well a Study Hall instructor for the Ninth Grade Campus. She has been teaching, in total, for about thirty two years.

Photo by: M. Casey Terri McNease poses for a picture after she won February’s Teacher of the Month. She was excited to answer questions and take picture as to see the final product on the Ninth Muse journalism site.

Ms. McNease loves teaching due to her ability to express to her students the world beyond the small-town community that is Lee County, Georgia and broaden their horizons. Her subject matter as a teacher allows her to show the culture of what seems like other worlds, and, on occasion, be able to take students to these areas. Her least favorite thing, she says, is not being able to truly connect and teach with some students. She has trouble getting to students who do not realize their self-worth and the limitless possibilities in their life.
Ms. McNease also stated she chose to teach simply because she enjoys doing so, and, in turn, made it her career. If she had not been a teacher, she proposed that she would likely have a change that involved travel, for it is another activity she really enjoys doing.

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