Buddy Bench and Bracelets

Written by: Madison Gadt

This past week our very own Youth Council held a sale for buddy bracelets. They were $3.00 a pair and sold at lunch.

Buddy Bracelets
Photo by: Haley Owens Bracelets! Many bracelets were sold during this fundraiser. Here we see Maggie Nguyen’s arm showing off this cute accessory.

The funds will go towards making Buddy Benches, a bench that a child would sit on if they do not have anyone to play with or talk to, then another child would join them to keep them company. It is an efficient way to make new friends and be more social.   


With this being said, these benches would go to Lee County Pre-K, Lee County Primary School, Kinchafoonee Primary School, Twin Oaks Elementary and Lee County Elementary School.


The end results were:


64 bracelets sold

The outcome was way better than expected, thank you to everyone that participated and bought some.


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