Women’s History Month

Written By: Kayla Mathews

March is the month to celebrate the history that goes along with being a woman. That’s right kids, it is finally time to celebrate women’s history month. Women have made huge contributions to many historical events, but are usually only given one sentence in history books, or their history is erased all together. This month is the time to celebrate all women’s accomplishments.

In 1987, after the relentless petitioning of the National Women’s History Project, our Congress passed Pub. L. 100-9 which designated the month of March as Women’s History Month.

Congress (for lack of a better word) gave us this month to celebrate and acknowledged women like Fatima Al-fihri. The woman who founded the oldest university in the world16.8.3_NationalWomen'sHistoryArticle_sharrell (2)

                    Fatima is the woman that founded the oldest university in the world.


Or Rosalind Franklin who discovered the structure of DNA.16.8.3_NationalWomen'sHistoryArticle_sharrell                      Rosalind Franklin discovered that DNA is shaped in a double helix.


Or Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, leaders of the NWP (National Women’s Party)

Without these amazing women, girls wouldn’t have (and many more which you can see all month with our march segment “Women Crush Wednesday”) women today wouldn’t have as many opportunities available to them. March is the time to focus on the women who gave women a voice to begin with.


Sources:  http://womenshistorymonth.gov/

Photo Credits:  http://islamindonesia.id/siapa-dia/fatimah-al-fihri-muslimah-pendiri-universitas-pertama-di-dunia.htm



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