JV Soccer Boys Do It Best

Written by Jillian Branham

On the freezing night of February 25, Lee’s very own JV Boys Soccer team took their first win with a score of 3-0 against Valdosta.

With the team working together the boys were able to end their night happy and excited. Determination and commitment were both plastered on the team’s faces during the entire game.

Holt, Jatavius, and Gavin
Taken By J. Branham: Soccer boys do it best. Three players from the JV Boys Soccer team pose for a quick picture after scoring goals at the previous night’s game. Pictured from left to right: Holt Bigelow, Jatavius Williams, & Gavin Shook.

The three goals were scored by three different freshmen boys on the Trojan Field. These boys include Holt Bigelow, Gavin Shook, and Jatavis Williams.

Taken By J. Branham: GOAL! Coltan Bennett (#3) and Jatavius Williams (#7) show each other support after Williams scores a goal for the Lee County Trojans.

Although the JV Boys Soccer team is made up of mostly freshmen, there are also upper campus team members as well. Both the freshmen and the upper campus boys put everything they had into the game that night. With their first win of the season, the team showed Lee just how amazing they really are.

Taken By J. Branham: I got it! Players Mustapha Kromah (#8), Jatavius Williams (#7), and Anirudh Gattu (#10) try to get the soccer ball back so they can score a goal.

Congratulations to the JV Boys Soccer team with the big win on your third game. Lee County Trojans are here to support you throughout the entire season.
Keep bringing in the wins and keep making the Trojans proud with all your dedicated attitudes. Lee County looks forward to seeing more from the JV Boys Soccer team

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