Band LGPE Pre-Fest Concert Review

Written by: Maggie Nguyen

On the evening of February 23rd, the Lee County bands hosted their annual Pre-Fest Concert in the high school auditorium.

Band members were working hard before the concert to set the stage for this important performance.

Mr. Carter opened up the concert with a humorous introduction and members for the LCMS-West 7th grade band filed on stage for the first performance.

The West side 7th grade band played an upbeat first song, a mellow second song, and a cheery third song.

West Side Band 02.23.16
M. Nguyen. West Side Band: Ms. Kaiser’s 7th graders band sits up at attention awaiting conduction.

The East band played next with a dynamic program. Their program consisted of a bold, loud first piece, a tranquil, soft second piece, and an intense, adventurous third song.

East Side Band 02.23.16
M. Nguyen. East Side Band: Mr. Gordon conducts his concert band.

The high school symphonic, our freshmen instrumentalists, played third.Mr. Carter led a thorough warm up for their Level 3 program. Their song list was Hypnotic Fireflies, a beautiful piece, Night Flight, an energetic, fun song, and Scrabble, which had an action movie vibe to it.

Symphonic Band 02.23.16
M. Nguyen.  Symphonic Band: The Symphonic Band, directed by Mr. Carter , preforms their Level 3 program.

Ms. Kaiser’s 8th graders followed the Symphonic band.

West Side 8th 02.23.16
M. Nguyen. West Side 8th; Ms.Kaiser leads a warm up with her 8th grade band.

The Wind Ensemble played last, a brilliant finale.

Wind Ensemble 02.23.16
M. Nguyen. Wind Ensemble: The Wind Ensemble, directed by Mr. Carter, closes the concert.

The bands will be evaluated and ranked in LGPE (Large Group Performance) in March. Based on their performances, the bands will be nothing less than superior when LGPE rolls around.

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