Area 12 NJROTC Wild Card

Written By: Abby Wilson

photo by: A.Wilson Jamaal Washington leads NJROTC Armed Exhibition, this was the beginning of their routine.


The Trojan Battalion of Lee County High School went to Camden County 9th Grade Campus in Kingsland, Georgia.

We brought home a 3rd place trophy out of 13 teams for SEALs, and an individual cadet, Darian Jacobs, brought home a 5th place medal for curl ups.

We again did Knockout Drill, but this time, the instructor made everybody compete. And out of everybody out of the Trojan Battalion, the three that stayed in the longest were Trotter Brown (Senior), Grant Chastain (Junior), and Davon Wright (Senior).

In the past, the Trojan battalion as a whole have not done the best to meet Captain and Chief’s expectations. But, at this last competition, both Captain and Chief were very proud of us and said we have made a huge improvement.

The next competition, this Saturday, February 26th, Captain said he expects us to place because the teams will include units of the other branches of the military that have to go by our Navy drill card. Which means, most of them will be unfamiliar with that drill card.


16.2.26_ROTCcompetetion_sharrell (5)
photo by: A.Wilson/ Unarmed Exhibition, lead by Jamaal Washington, saluting out.
16.2.26_ROTCcompetetion_sharrell (2)
photo by: A.Wilson/ NJROTC Color Guard was marching along, the people in this photo were, from left to right; Tamera Bell, Lyle Smith, Teresa Paul, and Ethan Letlow.

















16.2.26_ROTCcompetetion_sharrell (3)
photo by: A.Wilson/ Tamera Bell leads Unarmed Exhibition to their reporting out salute



16.2.26_ROTCcompetetion_sharrell (4)
photo by: A.Wilson/ Grant Chastain leads the Armed Basic team as they execute their ‘eyes right’ command.

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