Peer Guidance.

Britney Bullington has an idea that could make registration a little less painful each year.


Registering for classes caused a lot of stress. When I was registering for 9th grade, I was scared out of my mind about how hard 9th grade would be. I had no idea about what I would be up against. I stressed about what classes I should take for months. Would all honors be too hard for me? Should I take AP Human Geography? What electives should I take? What classes and clubs would look best to colleges? I had no earthly clue what to do.

Since I thought that taking all honors classes on top of an AP class would be too much for me to handle, I only took all honors. I was under the impression that I would greatly struggle in 9th grade, so I freaked myself out, got scared, and didn’t rise to my full potential. Because I had no experience of what the classes would…

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