A PDA Problem

Written by: Raine Phillips and Lindsey Ethridge

Every sluggish day that passes in high school, students, such as myself, are faced with a particular social injustice. Public displays of affection, such as swapping saliva, aggressive hugging, and sweaty hand holding, are unfit for a school. These actions not only make myself and fellow youth wish to vomit, but it should also be limited, if not ceased.

Today, for instance, I was subjected to seeing THREE couples in the hallway lodge their tongues in each others grossly open esophaguses. Why is it that devotees feel the overwhelming need to repulse bystanding students?

Just before third period, I found myself unable to reach my locker due to an overly passionate pair that had decided to display their affection by hugging. This was not a normal embrace but it was as if the boyfriend was going off to war in the following minute. LADIES, YOUR BOYFRIEND IS NOT GOING TO KOREA AFTER THIRD PERIOD.

Also today, while attempting to navigate crowded hallways, I was met with a couple that appeared as if they were sewn to the hip, clutching each other as if they were star-crossed lovers in a John Green book.

Photo by: B. Bullington   PDA POLICE! Rain Phillips and Lindsey Ethridge took it upon themselves to stop the excessive PDA that covers these halls.

I had asked myself why my love-strucken peers felt the urge to show interaction at an educational facility, but soon came to a conclusion. Unfortunately, most students cannot transport themselves so that them and their significant other can tongue wrestle in other, more appropriate, places. This, of course, leaves my place of education as another resort.

Being a witness to the constant tonsil tennis that occurs in the gym and hallway, I tend to wonder why they feel this building is a great place to swap saliva.

No judgement going out to anyone, but I just don’t see the crowded and sweaty hallway as a romantic place.

Nothing would please me more than being able to actually get to school in the morning and automatically get to my locker. This, of course, cannot happen because someone and their significant other seem to be super glued to each other. This causes me to have to wait until they are done with their five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.

I feel like someone needs to go around to the classes and explain to people that they can show affection to their boyfriend or girlfriend in less intimate ways.

One alternative would be a quick side hug no more than six seconds. Another option would be to take a break  from excessive face touching and actually have a conversation or I don’t know maybe BREATHE.

I would just like to come to school and only be disgusted by the lunchroom food, not the PDA that some students are so willing to show in the middle of literally everyone in the hallway and/or gym.   


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