9th Grade Black History Program

Written by: Kayla Matthews

During the month of February, a group of 9th grade students and teachers worked to create a program that would celebrate and educate black history.

This was the first black history program to be held exclusively for the ninth grade campus in several years. Fellow peers prepared songs, poems, and speeches.

There were 3 song performances by Kayla Matthews, Sharday Cagle, Niya Gardner, and Dejah Abner. Niya Gardener brought some students to tears with her moving voice and song. 

kayla and sharday
Photo by M. Nguyen. Kayla Matthews and Sharday Cagle singing their song, “Powerful.”
niya singing (1)
Photo by M. Nguyen. Niya Gardner brings the house down with her song, “Read All About It.”

Darriana Galloway and Cameron Drake gave powerful speeches. Galloway’s speech was pertaining to what women did for the civil rights movement. Drake gave a speech about a very influential group, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC),  that really helped the civil rights movement.

There were two poems given by Maddison Gibbson and Kayla Matthews: “Black Girls Rock” and “America’s Seven Deadly Sins.” 

gibby poem
Photo by M. Nguyen. Maddison Gibbson reads a poem entitled, “Black Girls Rock,” written by peer, Kayla Matthews.
kayla poem
Photo by M. Nguyen. Kayla Matthews wraps up the student performances with a spoken word poem that she wrote entitled, “America’s Seven Deadly Sins.”

The program was wrapped up with guest speaker, Moses Evans, who left the audience with question: What are you doing to benefit society?
Assistant Principal, Mr. Bowers, delivered the closing remarks.

To read one of Kayla’s original poems, “Black Girls Rock,” follow this link to her Kayla Matthew’s Blog



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