When Units Compete

Written by: Abby Wilson

This past Saturday, February 6th, the Lee County NJROTC Trojan Battalion traveled to Allen D. Nease High School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida to compete against 10 other units. There were five different teams from each unit that competed, the teams were, Academics, Armed Drill, Athletics (SEALS), Color Guard, and Unarmed Drill. Both drill teams had an Basic and Exhibition team.

A. Wilson Drill time! NJROTC Unarmed Basic team reports in, asking the judge for permission to drill on the drill pad.

They went against only 10 other schools, because one of the schools didn’t show up.

At the end they had Knockout Drill, which was where any cadet who wanted to participate went and followed the commands given by the instructor. They were very strictly judged by U.S Marines. The cadets from the Trojan Battalion who participated were Jamaal Washington (senior), Lyle Smith (senior), Jerame Goodman (junior), Wyatt Brown (freshman), Grant Chastain (junior), and Mason Wood (junior).

A. Wilson Attention, salute! NJROTC Unarmed Exhibition team, reporting in as well, asking permission to drill on the field.

           Though they did not place as well as they wanted overall, they have another competition next Saturday, February 20th. As a result, they hope to do very well in this competition and get people who are committed to coming to it.

A. Wilson NJROTC Armed Basic team lined up, waiting for their next command.

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