An Anti-Valentine’s Day Editorial Written by A Cynical Human Being

Written By Maggie Nguyen

Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday that is just as pointless as Columbus Day. Must we need a single day of the year to commemorate our affection for our loved ones? Personally, I celebrate Singles Awareness Day, also known as S.A.D.

To be honest, Valentine’s Day is extremely overrated. I do not see the point in designating a day to blow all your money on flowers that will die within a week, chocolate that will be eaten within minutes, and gigantic teddy bears that will be left to collect dust. Love is more than the superficial items that America spends NINETEEN BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY. That statistic is insane. If that money went to charities, then the world would be sixty-three percent of the way to eradicating hunger.

Can we just take a moment to puke at the thought of all the P.D.A. on Valentine’s Day? Seriously people, we understand. You’re “in love”, cool okay. Stop publicly shoving your tongues down your beloved’s throat. Thank you, from society.

Love is a forever and always. Love is more than a one day thing. Your significant other should treat every day like Valentine’s Day, because that is what you deserve from a relationship. Love is someone who will stay with you forever. Love is eternal happiness, not a fancy dinner you spent your college savings on.

However, I will admit one aspect I do like about Valentine’s Day is that candy is on sale the following day. So enjoy a day of rom-coms, excessive snacking, and mocking love.


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