Boys Varsity Soccer Wins First Game of Season

Written by: Holt Bigelow

The ball is placed 20 yards away from the goal, Cole Redd lines up for the shot, his foot strikes the ball and 15 minutes later the team was celebrating in the locker room after a 3-2 home win over TCC.

The game was very tight in the first half with neither team taking many shots, and at the end of it the score was still 0-0.

But after the half, Cole Redd opened up the scoring with a beautiful shot into the right corner of the goal. However, TCC came back with a nice tap-in on for a score a few minutes later.

Two goals thereafter were traded, with one coming from Junior, Matt, on a penalty kick. With 10 minutes left, TCC fouled Leesburg outside the penalty box, which gave Redd the perfect opportunity to hit in a goal, and he delivered.

The game wasn’t over yet. Two furious rallies from TCC kept Leesburg sweating and their defense working hard, but they came through and Leesburg got to take a win home.

The boys next game is on February 9 against Coffee.

Copy of IMG_9056
photo by. M.Briggs

Lee county and Tomas county come together to practice penalty shots after the intense game.

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