Meet Our 9th Grade 2016 Baseball Players

Written by Abby Giles

For the 2016 baseball season, 9th grade has a wonderful team! These players have worked extremely hard already, and the season has barely begun. Come support the team for their first game on February 17 at 4:30 PM. They will be playing Westover at the Lee County High School. Meet our 9th grade baseball players:


photo by A. Giles – Tanner Baptista – Positions: Third Baseman & Pitcher – Bat/Throw: Right/Right
IMG_8875 (2)
photo by A. Giles- Β Jacob Barwick – Positions: First Baseman and Pitcher – Bat/Throw: Left/Left
photo by A. Giles – Eddie Belcner – Position: Manager
IMG_8860 (1)
photo by A. Giles – Justin Block – Positions: Rightfielder & First Baseman – Bat/Throw: Right/Right
photo by A. Giles – CJ Bozeman – Positions: First Baseman, Pitcher, & Outfielder – Bat/Throw: Left/Left
photo by A. Giles – Griffin Carder – Position: Third Baseman & First Baseman – Bat/Throw: Right/Right
photo by A. Giles – Matthew Cooper – Positions: Centerfielder & Pitcher – Bat/Throw: Right/Right
photo by A. Giles – Bryce Courson – Positions: Leftfielder, Pitcher, & Second Baseman – Bat/Throw: Right/Right
photo by A. Giles – Hunter Futch – Positions: Second Baseman & Catcher – Bat/Throw: Right/Right
photo by A. Giles – Logan Goff – Positions: Catcher & Pitcher – Bat/Throw: Right/Right
photo by A. Giles – Spencer Hanson – Positions: Shortstop & Pitcher – Bat/Throw: Right/Right
photo by A. Giles – Hunter Howell – Positions: Second Baseman & Shortstop – Bat/Throw: Right/Right
photo by A. Giles – Brian Myler – Positions: Outfielder, Pitcher, & Catcher – Bat/Throw: Right/Right
photo by A. Giles – Tyler Moreau – Position: Leftfielder – Bat/Throw: Left/Right
IMG_8859 (1)
photo by A. Giles – Cole Price – Positions: Third Baseman & Pitcher – Bat/Throw: Right/Right

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