NJROTC’s Annual Area Manager Inspection (AMI)

By: Abby Wilson

Our unit on Thursday, November 19th, had our annual Area Manager Inspection. During the AMI, the Area 12 Manager, Commander Rustie Hibbard, had inspected every platoon, or group, one by one. It was nerve wracking to know that you were next when you watched the other platoon in front of you, getting inspected. So the inspection was the first thing we did.

We then had the staff present a powerpoint they all created, Commander Hibbard had a few words to say to us, including things about college and scholarships. We then had lunch, this was probably the best part of the day!

We then did our Pass and Review, which was our version of the military ceremony. It was pretty good, except for the fact that we had a few cadets fall out, or pass out. We think they were locking their knees, which makes the blood stop running to your legs. You then feel numb and pass out.

There were a few freshman cadets that got awarded a medal from Commander Hibbard for looking the best out of their platoon.

Overall, I believe our unit did amazing at the AMI this year. Let’s hope we do as good, if not better next year!


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