A Minimalistic Girl’s Opinion on the 2015 Fall Color Palette

by Maggie Nguyen

Mainstream media platforms have released articles on what they believe is the perfect 2015 Fall Color Palette. One could say I am slightly opposed to many of these trends. For example, silver is apparently the color to wear this season. I do not know about you, but I think silver is more of a New Year’s color.

I am not declaring myself as the supreme fashion critic (that would be none other than Raine Phillips). My closet is primary black (actually it is pretty much all black with some white and gray tees). However, I feel as if I have enough fashion common sense to give myself the credibility to write this article.

The following are “fall” color palettes I feel the need to call attention to: Cashmere Pink, Cadmium Orange, Amethyst Orchid, and Powdery Pastels for crying out loud!

Cashmere Pink (or as I like to call it, Puke Pink) is practically the color of Pepto Bismol.

Cadmium Orange is so bright that it physically burns my eyes.

Amethyst Orchid is a perfect spring color, but it is so intense of a purple that I am sure I could see it from a mile away (and I have extremely terrible vision).

I know I do not have to add this, but POWDERY PASTELS ARE NOT FALL COLORS. Do you see Easter eggs in the dead, dry fall grass? No! Therefore, do not wear pastels during the fall.

Here are the colors I would recommend for fall: black, gray, wine, olive green, and brown (as in leather, as in boots).

To be honest, black never goes out of style. Black is timeless. Gray is a cool toned color that suits those cloudier days. Wine is a beautifully deep color, perfect for the darker dimensions of fall. Olive green is an earth-toned color, and nature is so gorgeous during this time of year. Other fall trends are boots, flannels, and beanies. Oh and knee socks. I LOVE KNEE SOCKS.

In conclusion, fall is a cozy season, and the time for those darker colors. I hope you enjoy the cooler days and the nicer clothing. Happy Holidays!

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