9th Grade Basketball

Written by Jillian Branham

Game on! The ninth grade boys basketball team has been bringing out all they have this season. With all sports comes dedication and commitment and these boys are clearly showing both of these things.

The basketball team has had a number of games with severe intensity. Even if the team ends up losing, they always have us sitting on the edge of our seats. It is evident just how much this sport means to these boys. When they are all on the court there is no second wasted.

Two boys in particular help the team to stay focused:  Jeremiah Engram (#5) and Vonterius Woolbright (#1). Both players can always be seen doing their best and trying as hard as they can while on the court.

However, all of the ninth grade basketball boys are extremely dedicated on the court as well.

Monday, November 30th the team had a home game where they proved themselves to be even stronger than we all thought they were. Even though the basketball team lost, they are all winners in our eyes. 


Written by Lindsey Ethridge

On November 30th our Lady Trojans hosted a home games at Lee County Ninth grade Campus against the Sumter County Panthers.

Freshman, Shmyia Jones, started off the scoreboard in this very close game. With a halftime score of 14-21 our girls didn’t slack off there.

The score of 29-30 in the last few minutes of the game had fans on both teams at the edge of their seats.

Despite the great effort from both teams our Lady Trojans ended the game with a score of 31-32 bringing home the victory.

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