4-H Junior Conference

Written by Amber Greenhill

November 14th and 15th was Georgia’s 4-H Junior Conference at Rock Eagle 4-H center. This event is for 7th and 8th graders. With seven hundred and one juniors, not including the teen leaders or staff, were in attendance.  This weekend was filled with classes, recreation, community service,  assemblies, a dance, and many more activities. 

When each county got to Rock Eagle, they were to go to their cabin and put down their things. After everyone got settled in their cabins they went to lunch then their classes. Some of the classes the juniors attended include engineering, recreation, and career planning. Saturday night Clovers & Co. performed for everyone attending. This performance had everyone on their feet and ended with a standing ovation. The next day, there was presentation from a 4-H alumni talking about how 4-H helped him. He used his skills he learned from being in this program and took it to the army and he even saw a 4-H organization when he was overseas.

jr.on (amber) 11-15
photo by: A.Greenhill. Pictured is student learning how to organize their interests, education, and salary in career planning.

One of the community service projects was for the Ronald McDonald foundation.Each county in Georgia brought pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald Foundation.  There was twelve thousand pounds of pop tabs which is equivalent to five thousand dollars for the Ronald McDonald Foundation. We had a representative to speak and a family who stays in the Ronald McDonald  housing across the street when his son is in the hospital.

jr. con. (amber) 11-14
photo by: A.Greenhill. Pictured is a family that came to speak about their Ronald McDonald experience.

4-H lives up to their motto “making the best better”. This organization is teaching the youth to make a difference in the world. Whether it is helping their community or doing projects to help educate others, this organization helps the community and hopefully the whole world.


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