NJROTC Celebrates Veteran’s Day

Written by Abby Wilson

Our Lee County NJROTC Unit’s Color Guard, on November 11th, went to both the West and East Middle School Campus to present the colors at their Veteran’s Day programs.

Those cadets had to travel from the High School around 8:30, to the West Campus. Then, they left the West campus to go to the East and be there at 10:00. The cadets that went were Tamera Bell (senior), Amani Mitchell (senior), Lyle Smith (senior) and Abby Wilson (freshman).

Color Guard also did the Salute to Veterans on November 14th. They did a joint Color Guard, which is where there is only more than four people, the one there had nine people.

The color guard started the ceremony by presenting the flags from all branches of the military through the National Anthem. The cadets from our school that participated in the joint color guard were Tamera Bell (senior), Amani Mitchell (senior), and Lyle Smith (senior). After that, there were some words about veterans and what they did.

The Armed Drill team did their routine with spinning rifles that lasted about 5 minutes. Then, there was a 21 gun salute before the color guard retrieved the colors at the end.

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