No Shave November

Written by Kayla Matthews

No Shave November is a beautiful time of the year… It is when males or females do not shave for the entire month. It is a month long journey where people become aware of their hair and spread cancer awareness. Not only is it for a good cause, but people look good while doing it (real good).

I went around and asked some students if they were participating in No Shave November. Sadly, not very many students were. Many said they felt as though they needed to shave so they would be found attractive. They did not like the feeling of having hair on their face or body, or no shaving was just plain gross.

Two students, Logan Goff and Landen Schultz, explained exactly why they chose not to participate in No Shave November. They stated that they were not able to grow an acceptable looking beard in such a short period of time. Goff said “It would look weird with a bunch of prickly hairs randomly sticking out.” Schultz stated, “ I would look ugly with facial hair, it would be weird.” Another student, Tanner Baptista, simply said “ I shave to get the hair off of my face.” and “It’s ugly.”

There was one student I was able to locate that was participating in No Shave November. His name is Stephen Kardamis. He has a full beard and was more than willing to explain why. Kardamis when asked why he does not shave said, “There are multiple reasons. For one, I hate shaving. It is a waste of time in my opinion. Number two, I think it looks good.” He said if he was asked to shave he would not do it because “It is my facial hair and I get to do what I want with it.” When he was asked ‘what is so great about facial hair?’, he responded with “ I wouldn’t say there is anything that is specifically great or not great about it, but I just think it looks good.”

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