MAN BUNS…Yay or Nay?

By: Haley Owens

Over the past few days, I have asked many people what they think about man buns.

Man buns are when a man can put their hair up in a bun, and wear it around. The many people I have asked have given me very different responses.

Rain Phillips, one of our own journalists, said, “Buns only look good on good looking men”.

Cameron Drake, a student at the ninth grade campus, does not approve of man buns. He said, “Men that can put their hair up is disgusting, and not natural at all”.

However, some people have said that they enjoy and love man buns. Lindsey Etheridge and Mady Joiner both agreed that “man buns are a blessing and are very beautiful”.

There are very many different opinions on this trendy hairstyle, and I believe that Ms. Hinds explained this style a little bit better than your average person. She stated that our “generation doesn’t like masculine men. You like the smaller men who wear skinny jeans and boots. It’s very understandable to see why you all like this hairstyle.”

Many people think different things on men who can pull their hair into a messy bun, and there will never be the same opinion on this topic.
Only one question remains- man buns. Yay or nay?

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