Lunchtime Poll

By: Lindsey Ethridge

Every other week on Tuesdays, we will be doing a lunchtime poll. The lunchtime poll is a series of questions that will be asked to students during their lunch period. The question topics will vary, from school topics to media or social topics. We will be asking random people around the lunchroom every other week so we can have different opinions from every social group.


Question: If you had to wear a warning sign everyday, what would yours say?
This question really made people think. We received very diverse answers from the second lunch students. Jackson Peeples was very clear when he told us his warning label would read, “Warning: angry when I don’t have poptarts”. Vannesa Favela Parra explained that she would share her personality and her sign would say, “Warning: very sarcastic.” Addy Angira had to think a little bit before she decided that her sign would read, “Warning: craziness about to go down.” Mitchell Rosa made up his mind very quickly when he stated that his sign would say, “Warning: keep your fingers out of my mouth.” Whetherly Otano stated clearly that her warning sign would say, “Warning: I’m probably gonna be mean to you”.  We hope to have more responses like this in future lunchtime polls to get an understanding of some students at our school.

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