It’s Turkey Time

Written by Hannah McLeod and Taylor Bates

Fortunately, Thanksgiving break is just around the corner. I was able to ask three students two questions that most people would ask.

What are you doing over thanksgiving break?

Bailey Biedrzycki: “Over fall break I’m going hunting and staying with my aunt.”

Lauren Stewart: “I’m going to hangout with my boyfriend, Tyler, until he leaves town then i’m going to hangout with my friends.”

Danielle Melvin: “I’m going black friday shopping and getting something snazzy.  🙂  Then i’m going to see my bae and cuddle with him.”
What’s your favorite thing about thanksgiving?

Bailey Biedrzycki: “My favorite thing is all the different foods and being able to spend time with my family.”

Lauren Stewart: “My favorite thing is the food.”

Danielle Melvin: “My favorite thing is the food and the family.”


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