A First Person View on Veteran’s Day

By: Jillian Branham

On the day of November 11th, the United States gets to honor the individuals who lost their lives and those who survived that fought for their country. The military is one of the major reasons the United States is as safe as it is.

Veteran’s Day is a very important day. For most, it’s a day where all of the families that either have a veteran, or who are honoring a veteran, come together and reminisce on something special. To others, it might be seen differently.

The veterans that fought for our lives did it to keep us safe. They left the safety of their home and families to fight for our country. As strong as the military is, I truly believe that the families are the strongest people in all of the idea. Families have to stay at home, wondering if their loved one is going to come home okay. The kids are always asking where daddy or mommy is. Some kids grow up most of their lives without two parent figures. In the end, however, the families have to stay strong and be proud.

My family on both sides are made up of many military figures. My great grandfather became a Marine and later on inspired my father to join as well. On my mother’s side, my grandfather became a Marine as well. Thankfully, they all survived and made it back to us and our family safely.

Yes, growing without a father figure for most of my early childhood was hard. I never quite grasped the idea of what he was doing or what it was for until I was older. I remember always thinking his uniforms were super cool and I wanted to dress like him. I now realize that after 21 years in the Marine Corps, he was doing everything that he did for a good reason. I have become very proud of the military men in my family. The military is truly inspiring if you think about it. All of these men and women travel to different states or countries trying to protect us from present and future harm.

So here’s to the many brave people who constantly fight for our safety every single day. Thank you for what you have done to keep our environment safe and thank you for helping everyone, grateful or not. Keep doing an amazing job. We are thankful for you and all you do.

Raymond 1
Say Cheese… or not. While serving 21 years in the Marine Core my dad retired a proud Gunny Sergeant.
Raymond 3
Congratulations! My dad, Raymond Branham received many medals and patches when he served in the Marine Core.
Me & Raymond 4
Hoco 2k15! I had no date to homecoming but my dad bought me a corsage and took me everywhere that night.

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