words hurt

Check out what Britney Bullington came up with for her freewrite blog post. #wordshurt


When you were younger, your parents always told you “sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you”. They lied. Words can hurt you. Words can tear you apart piece by piece until you are left with nothing but self-hatred, disgust, and a puddle of tears. Sticks and stones break only skin. Words penetrate much, much deeper and hurt worse than physical wounds ever could. They embed into the back of your mind, constantly coming out only to remind you of your insecurities. They are ghosts that haunt you, creeping up on you scaring away any amount of self-confidence you could have. Sticks and stones cause temporary pain, pain that will eventually go away, pain that you’ll forget about. Cuts and bruises eventually heal and go away, but it’s words that you remember. It’s words that stay with you forever. It’s words that keep you up…

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