October Students of the Month

By Malica Casey

October is the third month in the school year. By this time, all the students have adjusted to their schedules and days tick by until fall and winter break. The end of the beginning of the school year inches closer as students are put under the pressure of the school year’s increasing difficulty. To maintain good grades and behavior, students have to present admirable qualities throughout the daily routine. It is these students, the October Students of the Month, that did so.

The chosen students for October are: Austin Galligan, Caroline Taylor, Danielle Melvin, Zach Manson, Katie Peppers, Noa Cruz, Kevin Kendrick, Stone Hogan, Cade Workman, and Michelle Tran.

One of the students, Michelle Tran, after being asked to submit a quote, said, “I would like to thank Mr. Carter for being one of the best motivators and teachers I’ve ever worked with and thank the administrators for helping the marching band and put up with out crazy, weird Ninth Grade family.” She also submitted a series of hashtags, including: #superior #Michelle’sNinthGradeYear #Freshman #Flute

Stone Hogan poses for his picture after a bit of camera shyness. Photo taken by Abby Giles.

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