Marcia Lane Announced Teacher of the Month

By Maggie Nguyen

It was recently announced that Ms. Lane is the October Teacher of the Month! She teaches Coordinate Algebra to the students here at the 9th grade campus on A Hall. She has done extravagant work with her classes this year.

To learn more about our October Teacher of the Month, we conducted an interview with the Teacher of the Month herself:

-Interviewer: How do you feel about being October Teacher of the Month?  

Lane: I am honored that my fellow coworkers thought I was deserving of this honor.


-Interviewer: Why did you choose education as your career?

Lane: It is what I was born to do.  Almost every female in my immediate family teaches. My mom taught at Lee County High School for more than 20 years.  


-Interviewer: How has teaching changed the outlook on life?

Lane: It made me realize that money isn’t everything.  The reward for my work isn’t money. My reward comes when my students succeed.  I love seeing former students doing positive things that tell me I made an impact in their life.


-Interviewer: What do you love about being a teacher?  

Lane: I love my students.  I also love the challenge of trying to make a complicated subject matter seem easy.  

-Interviewer: Anything you do not like?



-Interviewer: What do you think you would be doing if you were not a teacher?

Lane: I was a chemistry major my first two years of college.  I probably would have become  a pharmacist.   


-Interviewer: What do you hope to accomplish with your students?

Lane: I want them all to see the potential they all have.  I want them to be inspired to be something great.  I want them to believe that even though math is challenging, with a little work and perseverance  they can be successful with it.  Having them all pass the EOC at the end of the year would be amazing too!

Ms. Lane is an amazing member of our faculty and staff, who rightfully deserves this honor. Be sure to congratulate her on this accomplishment!

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