Lunchtime Poll

By: Mackenzie Rosa

Every other Tuesday, we will be doing a lunchtime poll. The lunchtime poll is a series of questions that will be asked to students during their lunch period. The question topics will vary, from school topics, to media topics, or social topics. We will be asking random people around the lunchroom every other week so we can have different opinions from every social group.


Question: What do you dip your chicken nuggets in?


Chicken nuggets are a very important question in today’s society. Need I say more?


Ranch was the most popular answer among the 1st lunch students. When asked why ranch is a good condiment to eat with the poultry, one student supplied an answer. “I dip my chicken nuggets in ranch because ranch is my favorite,” says Emily Turner. While most said ranch, we had one in particular that said ketchup. “Ketchup because it’s nice, salty, and good,” says Erica Sellers. Ketchup is an interesting choice because we got so many different answers like honey mustard and sweet and sour sauce. Erica was the only student who answered with ketchup.

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