Empty Thoughts

Our freshmen journalists have their own personal blogs that they write each week. Check out what our own Abby Giles wrote for a freewrite.


I’m an author. I write the ideas that invade me daily. I write my emotions that I am engulfed in. When the words just won’t come out of my mouth, they flow onto paper so elegantly and so well put together.
It’s two in the morning. I can’t sleep. My thoughts are overflowing and my mind just keeps running.
I grab some paper and a pen. The thoughts just keep coming and coming, cascading endlessly and beautifully.
I stare at the paper. It is a blank canvas. My nonstop ideas are the paints. The paper awaits the ideas and the emotions that are soon to be poured out blissfully.
I am filled with pure happiness. But then the thoughts invade me. What once was blithe has turned to anguish. I was engulfed in overwhelming desolation.
I grip the pencil tighter as these ideas and images rush rapidly through my head…

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