Top 5 Trending Twitter Topics

Written by Mackenzie Rosa

Top 5 Trending Twitter topics. I know what you’re thinking, why trending Twitter topics, Rosa?

TWITTER IS AWESOME WHY NOT?! I bring you the trending Twitter hashtags of the week.


Greg Hardy is the number one trending thing on Twitter. He is a NFL player for the Dallas

Cowboys. He is the trending topic because of photos that were released showing his former

girlfriend, Nicole Holder, with horrible bruises. At the time Hardy played for the North Carolina

Panthers. After the NFL laudably conducted their own investigation they suspended Hardy from

the first 10 games of the 2015 season.


This is trending at #2. Honoring Bob Ross the host of a TV show called “The Joy Of Painting”.

This is trending worldwide because the popular video platforming community for gamers,

“Twitch” was broadcasting some of Bob Ross’ episodes.


Trending #3 world wide, #ManOnTheMoon. The department store John Levi teamed up with

Age UK to produce its long awaited Christmas advertisement. John Levis Christmas ads have

become a tradition for many people. This years advertisement shows a story of a lonely old man

living in the moon.


Trending #4 world wide, West Point. Some may think that Twitter is just for the youth but, no

politics play a roll. “Presidential candidate Ben Carson defends recollection of offer to attend

prestigious U.S. Military Academy at West Point” (Reuters).



Trending #5 world wide, #HELLOListeningParty. A group called “Hadley” released a new album

called “HELLO” and they had a popular listening party.

Thanks for reading my Top 5 Trending Twitter Topics, hope to see you next week with maybe a

fan base fighting with another fan base (only if we get lucky).

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