SGA Outcomes

By: Joey LeBlanc

SGA is a club at the school of Lee County High School 9th Grade Academy. This club stands for Student Government Association. SGA has students that are elected into certain jobs that will be filled in by the students who win these elections. The Student Government Association lets students take control over what happens with certain subjects at school, with boundaries.

Elections were held this past Thursday, November 5, 2015. Every student in the school voted for the students they wanted to represent them for SGA. There were four jobs that were open, President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

There were many candidates running for these jobs. The competition was tough this year, and this year, the voting was the closest it has ever been.

There were a group of students who especially wanted this jobs. They wanted for their whole team, named The Ultimate Dream Team, to win for all the jobs together. The students that consisted of this team were Kayla Mathews, Mitchell Rosa, Joey LeBlanc, and Maggie Nguyen.

However, only half of this competitive team were actually elected for the jobs. The students who were running for President were Kayla Matthews and Danny Lin. Kayla Matthews won the elections.

The students who were running for Vice President were Mitchell Rosa, Emily Turner, and Genese Mandouma. Mitchell Rosa won this election.

The students who were running for Treasurer were Joey LeBlanc, Payton Galvin, and Ravi Patel. Ravi Patel won this election.

Finally, the students who were running for Secretary were Maggie Nguyen, Zizi Ohamadike, Jessica Mann, and Cameron Drake. Zizi Ohamadike won this election.

The students tried their hardest to win the elections. Congratulations to the students who won these position!

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