Alzheimer’s Walk

By: Abby Giles

Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible disease that not many people know about. Every 67 seconds, someone in America develops this disease. It is currently the sixth leading cause of death. This disease takes away your memory, your freedom, and in the end, your life. It is the only disease of the top ten in America that does not have a known cure. This disease currently has no way to be prevented, slowed down, or stopped.

To inform more people about this disease, there is an annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s held in Albany, GA, along with many other places. This year, it was held on October 10th at Modern Gas for the second year in a row. The walk was filled with entertainment for kids, as well as adults. There was a barbeque, live music, inflatables, and many more tables full of wonderful activities to keep the kids busy.

The walk had a great turnout and raised a lot of money for the Alzheimer’s Association. The walk was really fun and it was apparent that everyone was having a great time. Hannah Hatcher, when asked about the Alzheimer’s Walk, said “The walk was very fun to partake in and is a wonderful way to help find a cure for a devastating disease.” The walk was very successful and many are already excited for the one to come next year.

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