9th Grade Gives to Backpack Blessings

Written by Breyatta George

Starting from November 2 to November 18, LCHS Youth Council teams up with our very own 9th Grade Journalism staff for a Thanksgiving food drive to help those who may not have enough food during the Thanksgiving Holidays.

We encourage LCHS students to donate NON-PERISHABLE holiday-friendly food items. Please make sure to check the expiration date before bringing the food items to school.

Also, during the food drive, our school faculty are hanging up pledge cards in the hallways. Students can donate $1.00 for ONE pledge card. They are allowed to donate as much money as they wish. One Β dollar equals 5 lbs. of food.

Mrs. Block has provided a spreadsheet for teachers to keep track of daily donations, make sure to turn in money to her as well. Among the 4th period classes, students are allowed to display their pledge cards in a friendly manor. Please help make this food drive a success, thank you! Β 

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