Jillian and her Anti-Bullying Campaign

By: Raine PhilipsEdited

Spread the word! Jillian Branham has taken upon herself to take a stand against bullying as her community service project. In honor of anti-bullying month, on October 22nd, she encourages students and staff to wear colors blue and orange, representing Unity Day.

So far, she has came up with ideas to spread her message by generating posters to put up across the campus. She has even taken the issue to the hands of social media by creating an Instagram account: @antibullying.campaign. Students have already become supporters of the account by posting a picture of themselves with their hand over their mouths with the words written: “words hurt”. This symbolizes the emotional defect of being on the downside of bullying and how sometimes it doesn’t leave a physical scar, but a mental one.

Jillian will then travel class to class in hopes of educating other students on the importance of the awareness, and the prolonged effects of treating other students with disrespect. Branham stated after the interview that, “I want lower the instances in the school of people that are bullied and harassed. I also wish to make people aware and hopefully change the way a person handles this situation.”

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