FBLA Rally turns into a Silento concert!

Thursday October 15th, 2015, the Lee County Middle, and High School FBLA members took a trip to the Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA for the Fall Rally.

We piled out of the buses and into a stadium. The children were confused as we were handed glow sticks and blowup pool balls. When the meeting started, we started hitting the balls around as they announced many national members that had recently competed in a competition and won.

After that, they had a former FBLA student come and talk about how we should share our stories, meaning everything in life is worth being told.

After that, they came and announced a special guest, stating that he had gotten over 314 million views on YouTube. We stood there patiently and then none other than Silento himself came and sang 5 songs. Ending with and I quote the song β€œwatch me whip, now watch me nae nae!”

After the Fall Rally, the students enjoyed many hours of fun at the fair, trying not to die as we heard one girl passed out on a ride.

Overall, the FBLA students would like to thank all of the advisers that allowed us to go on this trip, and tell them that we had the best time yet!

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