Social Media: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

  Written by Breyatta George

What exactly is social media? Social media is application and websites that allows people to interact online. Everyone uses social media, The generation who really uses social media is children and adolescents. Social media allows people to see what’s going on, the gossip, it really updates you on what’s going on with your friends, family, and others’ life. However the web is so useful, there are some people who use it inappropriately, and that could lead to serious problems of an individual. Social media can be used for good, bad, and ugly purposes.

A good example for social media would be to find out when someone’s birthday is, to see who went to Friday’s football game, anything really. As teens, we use social media all day, everyday to get caught up on other’s people business, or share ours with the world.

Although some of us teens use social media properly, others may use it in bad ways. For example, a student makes a post about another student calling her ugly and stupid. This is called cyber-bullying, which is one way teens use social media.  The worst way to use social media is to be straight up mean! For example, a guy comments inappropriate things under a photo of a girl by the poolside. This could make the girl feel uncomfortable, and insulted.

As teenagers, we’re old enough to know what to post, how to post, what to comment, and how to comment.  Also, speak up. If you see a user using social media the wrong way, report them. It’s okay to post a silly picture, but make sure you don’t comment negative things. Social media is for positive uses only, make sure you’re just using it for fun and important things.

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