Luke Bryan Concert Experience

Written by Lindsey Ethridge

This past saturday, Lee County’s own, Luke Bryan held a concert in Adel, Georgia as a part of his 2015 Farm Tour. People from all over Georgia attended the concert. Before Luke took the stage, country singer Sam Hunt opened from our hometown hero.

  The concert itself, was held in a peanut field, which wasn’t a bad thing, if you were smart enough not to wear heels. Vendors were set up all along the field with food, drinks, and t-shirts for everyone to spend their money on. The atmosphere throughout the whole time was very fun and carefree. The attire of the majority attending was, of course, completed with cowboy boots.

  While waiting for the performers, people mingled and talked about their shared love of Luke. The real fun came when the actual singers took the stage. Sam Hunt really got the crowd moving and dancing when he came onto the stage. He got everyone in a good mood for the main attraction, Mr. Luke Bryan.

  As soon as his shoes hit the stage everyone was cheering for him. When he actually started playing, everyone got as close as they could to the well-known country singer. The only room you had was to hold your phone up to snap some pics and sway back and forth to the beat of the music. There was not a single song played that no one sang along to. Luke ended the night with everyone’s favorite song, “Country Girl”. At the end of the night only one thing was clear, if Luke Bryan tells you to shake it, well then you better shake it.

photo by: L. Ethridge Pictured is Luke Bryan during the farm tour.
photo by: L. Ethridge
Pictured is Luke Bryan during the Farm Tour.

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