Lunchtime Poll

Written by Lindsey Ethridge & Mackenzie Rosa

Every other week on Tuesdays, we will be doing a lunchtime poll. The lunchtime poll is a series of questions that will be asked to students during their lunch period. The question topics will vary, from school topics to media or social topics. We will be asking random people around the lunchroom every other week so we can have different opinions from every social group.

Question: You win five million dollars, the same day aliens land on Earth and say they are blowing it up in two days, what do you do with the money?

We asked different students during first lunch what they would do with the money. Most answers were similar to Morgan Mathis’ and Bhavya Gupta’s.

Morgan said she would “spend it on everything I’ve ever wanted because the world’s going to end.”

Bhavya quickly came to the conclusion that, “You use the money to buy whatever you want.”

Sarah Strickland simply said, “spend it on food.”

There were some more answers where the students stop to really think about their answers.

Brooke Lenard thought about ways to save the earth when she said, “You use the money to build something to destroy the aliens.”

Cooper Bass first thought was to, “donate it to charity”, but after some consideration he changed his answer to, “use the money to fuel a fire.”

Over all the question really got students thinking and even left some unable to answer. This was a great response for our first Lunchtime Poll and we are excited to do it again next Tuesday!

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