Championship Against the Blue Devils

By Raine Phillips

These last few weeks among Lee County’s Varsity Volleyball team have been a climatic focal point of the season. The Hilton Head tournament last weekend showed the teammates who were truly dedicated to the team and what they wished to accomplish. Living together in a local South Carolina beach house for three days assisted to bond the group closer together. They may not have won the tournament, but they became prepared for their following game of importance, the match against Tift County.

The vital event took place on Tuesday: the Area Championship volleyball game against a well known school rival. The Trojans and the Blue Devils, played for the win of three out of five, started their primary match close, but resulted in the victory of our team. The Lady Trojans succeeded with a win of 10-25 in the first set, and continued their victory, winning all three sets that followed, titling them the Regional Champions. Soon after, they then proceeded to consume a well deserved and celebratory Chick-fil-a meal.

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