Sign it Now, Wear it Later

Gown Signing 2 by Malica Casey 9282015
Photo by M. Casey. Carmen Lord vows to graduate by signing the banner.

by: Mady Joiner

Throughout this week, students have all gotten the chance to sign a graduation gown. The gown is a symbol of commitment. By signing the gown, we promised to graduate with our current class. After we signed it, the gown was taken to the upper campus and put into a glass case. When asking students why they thought it was important to commit to and follow through with graduation, I received several answers.

“So you will have a better job and a better future,” says Hannah Huckaby.

“You need a good education so that your life doesn’t just end after high school,” Justin Lee states. As you can see, the students really want a successful future for themselves. By this time next year, we will be walking by this gown everyday. This will go on for two additional years after that. Every time we see it, we will be reminded of the commitment we made and we will strive to fulfill our goals.

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