Girls & Guys Share Their Homecoming Experience

What the girls have to say

Written by Mackenzie Rosa

You could feel the excitement in the air Saturday, September 27th, as it was Lee County High School 2015 Homecoming dance. As freshman, the class of 2019, didn’t know what to expect but afterwards, the buzz of Homecoming was practically radiating off of 9th graders. Monday morning, all you could hear out of the student body was their experiences of Homecoming. So I decided to interview a select few of freshman girls to see what their experiences at their first homecoming was like.

submitted photo    Mitchell Rosa and Lindsey Ethridge

Everyone knows and thinks that it takes girls forever to get ready on a daily basis but what about Homecoming? The one day a year where freshman girls can spend hours upon hours getting dolled up. But what do actual girls think it takes?

Marianna Bragg says, “It takes a lot of time trying to find a really nice dress that isn’t very common. So you don’t have the same dress as everyone else. I think it takes a lot of effort.”

But Michelle Tran thought of a different tactic for her Homecoming day: “It takes nothing, I do not think it’s hard, you just hire a person.” It’s a different story for the guys.

submitted photo                                                      Lexi Blitch and Karli Johnson

Guys might think it’s hard but girls like Sharday Cagle thinks it’s very easy saying, “All guys have to do is take a shower, put on a suit, and comb his hair, it’s very easy.”

Going into Homecoming as freshman everyone didn’t know what to expect, so I wanted to know what everybody’s outcome of the night was.

Marianna Bragg stated, “It was different, I wasn’t expecting what it was but, I liked it.” I don’t think Homecoming was anything anyone expected.

The class of 2019 has 4 years left of high school so the different experiences throughout this year can affect on whether or not we look forward to our upcoming years of high school, Michelle Tran said, “No, it does not make me look forward to high school, because it’s more scary.”

High and low expectations would be set by any freshman attending the Homecoming dance I wanted to know if people’s expectations were.

Sharday Cagle asked her older sister for some advice: “It was a lot better than I thought, I thought it was going to be lame or crazy from what my older sister told me.”

People tend to act a little different and maybe even a little too mature at Homecoming and people see other people doing some interesting things. So, I asked some students if there views on the people you know changed because of what they saw at Homecoming.

submitted photo                                                     Evie Temples and Whetherly Ontaño

Michelle Tran said, “Yes, I never thought anybody can turn up that much.”

Dates, dates, and dates. It’s always the talk before Homecoming, big posters, chick-fill-a, and sticky notes. Who will ask who? But people have different thoughts on if you should or shouldn’t have a date so I asked.

“Without so you can hang out with your friends and just be comfortable with them.” says Marianna Bragg.  

What the boys have to say

Written by Jillian Branham

Boys can have some different opinions however. Society already knows that men and women but heads on a daily, so it is very interesting to see the difference between the given answers, even though both the girls and boys were asked the same question.

submitted photo                    Carlton Herrington and Aisha Mohammad

Three boys from the Lee County Ninth Grade Campus were interviewed about their homecoming experience. This included Coltan Bennet, Logan Goff, and Justin Lee.

Interviewer: What do you think it takes for a girl to get ready for homecoming?

Both Logan and Justin replied “I think it takes a lot of energy and money for a girl to get ready for homecoming.

However, Coltan had the complete opposite response.

B: “I don’t think it takes a girl anything to get ready for homecoming really.”

I then asked them what it took for a boy to get ready for homecoming and shockingly got the same answer from all three of the boys: “Nothing at all.”

image (1)
submitted photo                  Julie Klias and CJ Bozeman

The final question they were asked was a little more personal; about how they see their peers.

I: Did your views on the people you know change in any way?

This time we got a different answer from Justin Lee: “Yes, very much because I saw certain people do things I thought they never would.” While both Coltan and Logan’s were identical.

B+G: “My views have not changed on the people I know. It doesn’t really matter anyways.”

Once again, men and women’s answers are completely different. However, I think we can all agree that the three boy’s opinions surprised us all.

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