Ms. Hinds Named Teacher of the Year for LCHS 9th Grade Campus

Written by Maggie Nguyen

Ms. Regina Hinds is the 9th Grade Campus’ Teacher of the Year. She has done a phenomenal job at our campus and with her students. Ms. Hinds teaches American Government (Civics) to both regular and honors students. As well as teaching, she is also a tennis coach for the high school and the PBIS coordinator for our campus.  Ms. Hinds shows P.R.I.D.E. and effort in all the activities she takes part in.

Ms. Hinds’ students have a deep respect for her. Students Raine Phillips, Whetherly Otano, and Anna Grace Haggerty took the time to tell an interviewer their opinion on our Teacher of the Year:

-Interviewer:” Why do you think Ms. Hinds was chosen as Teacher of the Year and what do you like about her class?”

Raine Phillips: “Well, I think that she is Teacher of the Year because she really helps her students understand the problems in the class and what to go over exactly. She really gives a direct message to everybody.”

Whetherly Otano: “She is really cool… And she helps us understand what we do not already understand, and she tells us a lot of stuff about the government and actually educates us.”

Anna Grace Haggerty: “[She was chosen] because she’s an awesome teacher, and she goes into detail about what we’re learning. And she gets to know the students personally.”

Ms. Hinds herself was also interviewed about being honored as Teacher of the Year:

Interviewer: “What was your initial reaction when you learned you were chosen for Teacher of the Year?”

Hinds: “I was a little shocked and very honored.”

I: “What do you think made you a viable candidate for this position?”

H: “The love of what I do and level of pride I take in teaching is unmeasurable.”

I: “Why did you become a teacher? Who or what was your inspiration?”

H: “I grew up in a difficult environment and I believed that my past would give me the ability to reach and understand students with similar backgrounds.”

I: “What college did you graduate from, and was teaching your first major?”

H: “Georgia Southwestern University, History. My degree allows me the ability to teach any history content area. I previously taught World History but my love has always been American Government. In order for our country to maintain a democratic form of government citizens must be informed and I take this responsibility very seriously.”

I: “What is your favorite and least favorite part of teaching high school students?”

H: “ I do not have a least favorite part and my favorite part is their sense of humor and often untainted views of the world.”

I: “What has teaching high school students taught you about life in general?”

H: “To be opened minded and have a lot of patience.”

I: “What is your ultimate goal as a teacher?”

H: “To reach every single student and see them succeed in their goals.”

I: “What advice do you have for people who want to become teachers?”

H: “I would say that teaching need to be a calling not just a career choice.”

I: “As a teacher, what advice would you offer to your students for being successful in high school and in adulthood afterwards?”

H: “Anyone can be successful is they put in the effort.”

All in all, Ms. Hinds is an amazing teacher and an interesting part of her students’ academic schedules. Classroom discussions, fun projects, and unique assignments make her class stand out and engaging. Special congratulations to Ms. Hinds for being honored as Teacher of the Year.

photo by L. Hyslop
photo by L. Hyslop

A special note from Riley Hinds:

I just wanted to start off by saying that I am so of my mom for getting Teacher of the Year. As a wise man once said, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” I don’t think there is much more to say, but I am so proud and I LOVE YOU, MOM!

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