No Dropouts Allowed

Written by Emily Duncan

It was no ordinary day during PRIDE time today. The class of 2019 was called to the gym for a graduation pep talk. Our guest speaker from Jostens, Scott Jernigan, took the time to encourage us to study, keep up good grades, and work hard to reach our goals. He also pointed out how much these years of high school affect the rest of our lives.

Using inspirational videos and volunteers from the audience, Mr.Jernigan showed us how important it is to graduate and follow our paths.

photo by M. Nguyen Virgil’s Special Day… At the assembly, students were chosen to act as a visual representation of the milestones of their lives. These milestones included graduation and marriage.
photo by M. Nguyen
photo by M. Nguyen High School Timeline… 9th graders Cohn Sellers and Javen Wimberly demonstrated how short high school is compared to the rest of their lives. This short distance in the timeline of life heavily affects the rest of the timeline.

When asked as to why he chose to speak with us, he responded with, “It is important for everyone to receive their high school diploma so it’s worth our time and everyone’s effort to encourage our students to graduate with their class.”

So let’s follow everyone’s advice and work hard to graduate! No dropouts are allowed!

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