Marching Trojan Band Goes to Jamboree

Written by Hannah McLeod and Taylor Bates.

On September 19, 2015, the Lee County High School Marching Trojan Band attended Jamboree, which is a performance competition. The judges give you comments on your performance to help you get better before the real competitions.

“Yeah, I’m gonna be nervous because, I mean, it’s the first thing going out and being judged so you always want to make it look good. You also have that one feeling like, if I mess up, what’s going to happen?” said Megan Steuer.

“I’m nervous about who we are competing against, but I’m not nervous about our performance as a whole, because I know we’re going to give it our all.” stated Erika Cannon.  

There were 12 bands that performed at Jamboree. Mr. Carter stated that it was an exhibition and that we would receive no scores for this performance.

The LCHS enjoyed Jamboree and can’t wait for their competition on October 3rd, in Carrollton, Georgia.

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