Homecoming Proposal Poll

Written by Madison Gadt

That’s right! Homecoming season is here, a season of tuxedos and beautiful dresses. The most well known part of Homecoming is being asked to attend. Whether you want your proposal to be punny, cute, memorable, romantic, or whatever, chances are that you want to be asked – everyone has a preference. That’s why there is now a poll on our website! Please just take a moment to check this out. We already have quite a few, so why not join? In the lead right now is “A punny proposal”  with 67% of all the votes and “A romantic proposal” coming in second place with 22%. In the end, homecoming in your freshman year will be one of your fondest memories, especially if the  proposal is just as good!

Here is a link to the Poll: https://lchs9thmuse.wordpress.com/2015/09/16/ideal-homecoming-proposal/

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