Trojans Got Talent

2-15-18 Thursday Article Deadlines (Feb 15, 2018 at 10_33 PM)After a beautiful performance, I captured a photo of the singer and her mom.

2-15-18 Thursday Article Deadlines (Feb 15, 2018 at 10_36 PM)Another amazing performance on stage.

2-15-18 Thursday Article Deadlines (Feb 15, 2018 at 10_37 PM)A pictured captured of a dancer and her dad celebrating.


Written By: Riley Alewine

  Lee County’s Trojans Got Talent was very eventful and included many incredible acts.

  I can say that everyone there had a whole lot of talent.

  Pranavi Gottapu says that before participating in the talent show she felt very nervous and wasn’t sure what’d it’d be like, during the talent show she felt very confident and felt like she was alone in her room dancing.

The talent show included tons of diversity as far as acts go. The acts included singing, dancing, comedy, piano, and jam skating.

  Katie Blaise, Rachel Ward, Deserae Boos, Katlyn Simmons, Kyle King, Taylor Gill, Gabrielle Yarbrough, Justin Creamer, Tanner Dziedzic, and Chase Graham all participated in the singing portion. The singing portion of the talent show included all types of music from country to pop to theatre.

  In the dancing portion of the talent show, Pranavi Gottapu and Addy Angira participated in an Indian dance duo.

Isabella Sauls was an absolutely hilarious stand up comedian.

  The Pianists included Galen Graff, Maggie Nguyen, and Michael Johnson.

Aaron Barnett was a very talented jam skater.

  Overall everyone that participated in the talent show did very well and put in their upmost effort.

Photo By: Riley Alewine

Freshman Kobe Bailey competes at state wrestling meet

Written By: Maria Cerrone

  The Lee County varsity wrestling team recently competed in sectionals and state.

    Kobe Bailey was one of the only freshmans able to compete. Tom Matheny commented that it is rare for a freshman to be able to compete in these two meets. “Normally they are too busy learning and competing for a back up position on the team.  However, this year we had an opening at 138 lbs and Kobe Bailey held that spot” (Matheny). Bailey placed 8th at sectionals and qualified for state.

    We asked Matheny to explain the process for state and sectionals. He explained that sectionals is the big meet right before state to see who will qualify for state. Regions 1, 2, 4, and 5 competed at Alexander High school while regions 3, 6, 7, and 8 competed at Lanier High School. Lee County went to Alexander High school. The top 8 teams from each competition move onto state. Bailey placed 8th at sectionals and qualified for state.

   Bailey explained during his interview about the surroundings during state. He explained that it is very tense. The wrestlers are basically by themselves. They don’t have a coach to supervise and tell them when they wrestle so they have to pay attention.

    Wrestling ended their season with top 10 at state. Kobe Bailey did not place at state but made a huge accomplishment by competing in state as a freshman.

Photo By: Maria Cerrone

FFA valentine fundraiser

Written By: Arwyn Kovach

  The FFA has a cookie/cupcake of the month fundraiser. Each month FFA will have a theme. FFA will sell cookies for $2, cupcakes for $2 and dozens for $20. The customer can pick from a menu of flavors.

  FFA has sold over 300 cupcakes and cookies for this month’s fundraiser. The cupcakes and cookies will be delivered on Feb 14th to first period teachers.

  The National FFA Organization started in 1928. It is the largest student led organization in the nation. Georgia is the 3rd largest state association in the country. LCHS FFA has over 250 members. The FFA is a service/leadership organization that focuses on the principles of agriculture.


Photo by: Arwyn Kovach

The Daily Life of Puns

Written By: Carlin Garey

  The title can be slightly misleading yet on point at the same time. Any who, the main idea of any of this is how people react to certain puns, and their perspectives onto what they think about them. This may not sound important, but the real reason is why not and too know what people really think about them.

  The literal definition of a pun is a play on words relating to a certain standard and/or subject. Therefore, anything that is meant to be used for comedic effect, makes it either a joke or pun. Originally, yours truly was planning on interviewing 10 random people in the hallway by asking/telling them a pun, get their reaction, and walk away slowly.

  Then, Mrs. H states, “Why not interview a whole class… Like Mrs. Smith’s, she loves puns.” With that idea in mind, I then wright the 10 puns of different variety and tell the class each one. The following are what were stated in class:

  1. Yesterday, I accidentally swallowed some food coloring… The doctor says I’m okay, but I feel like I’ve dyed a little on the inside.
  2. How did the skeleton know it was going to rain? He could feel it in his bones.
  3. I wasn’t’ originally going to get a brain transplant… But then I changed my mind.
  4. Did you hear about the guy who got his left side cut off? He’s all right now.
  5. I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger, then it hit me.
  6. Why don’t some couples go the gym? Some relationships don’t work out.
  7. I’d tell you a chemistry joke, but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction.
  8. What does a clock do when it’s hungry? Go back four seconds.
  9. When notes get in treble, bass-ically they get put behind bars. The alto-nate punishment is to push them off a clef. And hope they land flat on sharp objects.
  10. I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.

  As you may have noticed, some were very well planned out, then some were just plain luni crisp and pure stupidity and on a few, some people even guessed the answer. Anyway, the reactions of the majority were entertained and probably glad that they got to avoid biology for a few minutes. Which answers how people would view puns and what they mean towards them.

  That does not mean that every person in the world enjoys a good pun or two, but that’s all up to the perspective and view of the victim of the pun. In turn, puns are just very in depth (some not in depth) jokes that are just a play on words.

Photo by: Carlin Garey

Model UN: A Support Group for Troubled Countries

Written By Jordan Graham

“Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.”

On February 9th through 11th, The High school Model United Nations (MUN) club went to the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens. Among the 12 students were three Ninth Graders, myself included. The other two ninth graders were Pranavi Gottapu and Kai Ward. Both decided to share their experiences at MUN.

The first question was what their first impression of Model UN was. Pranavi, always a hard working student and a great friend, decided to give me a detailed reply that reads as follows: “I started Model UN in 7th grade. It was very intimidating because most of the people knew what they were doing and I felt like I didn’t belong there. Later on, I started to get the hang of it, and now I really really like Model UN.”
Kai on the other had said that she, “thought we would be going and looking at the different countries and discussing with other people specific issues in our own respective country that we got.”

For anyone that doesn’t know, in the meeting that we went to, we discussed world problems and debated about them while we represented our own country and its views on the presented subject.
Regarding the other people Kai says that, “at first everyone was really intimidating because they were trying to get me to vote on what they wanted. When we got to know the other delegates I felt more welcome, though.” Pranavi takes a different view point and says that “everybody was very smart and had great vocabulary. They were very nice and they helped the other delegates to feel more welcome. Outside of working on MUN the people were very nice and we all became friends.”

After the second day the delegates, or members, were given the option to go to a ‘social’ and socialize. Both Kai and Pranavi said that this was the best part of the trip.
“[The social]was a time where everybody got together and danced outside of a professional setting,while in professional clothes. For an hour we just got to mingle and hang out with people and not thinking about debating. (Some guy lost his shirt and his mind,” says Kai.
Pranavi followed up by saying, “It was the time where everybody got together and danced and had fun. Everybody forgot about the competition and acted like themselves. We also got to know the people better.”

After all of the praise it just got you wouldn’t think there would be a downside to the trip, but there usually is.
For one Kai says that the, “timing of everything was way off and everything with in our group was handled badly.”
Regarding the weather Pranavi says that, “It was raining the entire time, our feet got wet, our shirts got wet, and everything was just overall wet.”

To Anyone wanting to join Model UN as a club or as a future career (I think you should) Kai and Pranavi each elaborated on their experience with Model UN.

Kai says that “over all, because it was [her] first time, [she] was really nervous because [she] didn’t want to talk but by the second day [she] had made some friends and felt pretty comfortable with what [she] was doing.”
Pranavi, always an overachiever, gives another detailed reply by saying “The experience was very interesting. Every competition is a new experience. I remember when I was in the 7th grade, the experience was different than how it is in high school. High school MUN and Middle School MUN are very different, but correspond in a way. The one good thing is that, the friends you make along the way are there at every competition and you are able to meet them instead of talking on the phone.”

Photo Taken by Jordan Graham

District Honor Band Through the Eyes of two Flutiful Ladies.

Written by Jordan Graham

On February 9th through 10th Lee County High school and Middle School students went to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College(ABAC) for the District Honor Band Clinic.

Two students that represented Ninth Grade are flutist, Ariana Ukaonu and Ashley James. The following is how District Honor Band was for the both of them.

When asked what her first impression of District was, Ashley said that she “thought it was great, because [her] friends who went there before said great things.” Ariana on the other hand said that she was “excited to perform with other great musicians.”

In order to qualify for District certain instruments must make a certain score. Ashley made a 79, while Ariana made an 88 and qualified to try out for Allstate.

District is for talented musicians across the state. That means that a lot of people of different varieties will be meeting in one place. The musicians were “cool and very talented, [although] some people were there to play around and not actually be serious” and “very outgoing and funny.”

The experience for the both of them was ‘great. The people there were good. It was kind of tiring to have nine hours of rehearsal, but I enjoyed most of it.” Ariana says that “overall [she] had a good time, but last year was better.”

A message from Ashley and Ariana for anyone wishing to go to District Honor Band.
Ashley says that “most people know how to play the Etude, but you should mostly focus on scales. Make sure to pay attention on the sit-reading.”
Ariana gives a simple answer by saying to just “know your scales and prepare well for the auditions like your director tells you to.”

DJ Smith Student of the Month

Written by: Willa Dyer

  It is that time of the month again! Lee County’s 9th Grade Academy has yet again selected another group of amazing kids with outstanding academic achievement. In this group of kids there is one in Student of the Month in particular that has expressed a lot of excellence in school. Derrick Smith Junior is one of the sweetest, most kind hearted people in the 9th Grade Academy.

  DJ is not only admired by his students but he is also admired by his administrators. According to Mrs. Emerson, “Derrick demonstrates positive behavior in and out of the classroom, is well-mannered, and respectful to both peers and teachers.” DJ not only displays exceptional character but, “he shows a strong effort to learn skills to the best of his ability.” DJ is a hard worker and always puts forth his best effort.

  He is a wonderful example of a truly genuine person. He is loved by everyone. DJ has definitely deserved his position as Student of the Month for January!

Photo by: Willa Dyer

Student of the Month: Henry Gabriel

Written By: Peyton Hart

  Another month, another great student! Henry Gabriel, one of the many excellent kids chosen for the SOTM! Mrs. Lane would like to recognize his efforts for bettering himself academically and personally: “Henry always has a positive attitude and is ready to learn. He is helpful to others and a pleasure to have in class.”

    When Gabriel was asked what advice he would give to students who look forward to getting the achievement of being a student of the month, he says to “never get yourself down about anything, always stay positive and encourage others to do great.”

  Receiving SOTM was “pretty exciting” Gabriel says. “I knew the teachers appreciated my attitude, but I didn’t really expect to get this,” he also says.

  Gabriel is such a lifted person all in all. He keeps a smile on his face and always seems to keep a smile on others’ face.

Photo by:  Peyton Hart

Lexi Cravens chosen as January’s SOTM

Written By: Maria Cerrone

  The new SOTM at Lee County 9th grade for January is Lexi Cravens. Cravens was chosen by Mr. Matheny. He felt that “she was smart and well-mannered. She can articulate her thoughts well and concisely.  She also has above-average writing ability.”

   Cravens enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching tv on her free time. She stated that she has been having a very good year at the 9th grade campus. Cravens favorite class is Law and Justice.

   We asked Cravens her reaction to being named one of January’s SOTM. She stated that she was very surprised and wasn’t prepared because she hasn’t received SOTM for a couple of years.

    Craven’s advice to her peers regarding trojan pride is to be mindful of your teachers. “People don’t remember that teachers are humans to” (Cravens).  

   The next time you see Cravens congratulate her. Remember to show trojan pride in your daily school day and you may get the chance to be a SOTM.

Photo taken by: Maria Cerrone

Orienteering Area 12 Championship

Written By: Samantha Burrows

  Recently, Lee County’s NJROTC orienteering team had their last meet and did very well. Before the meet is elaborated on, what is orienteering? Orienteering is an NJROTC team where cadets have after school practices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and practice reading maps, using compasses, and becoming better runners. These practices are to prepare for the meets that we have every few months.  At these meets the team members get a map and a compass and go out into the woods alone and find all of the points that the map has. The cadets running get no help from any other people on the course, so it is a completely independent sport.

  Our team just had a meet up in north GA, Chattanooga State Park. The runners started to run around 8 o’clock and stopped  at about 12 o’clock.

  There are three different courses in orienteering, a yellow, orange, and green course. The yellow course is the easiest course to run that can receive an award. It is generally about 3 kilometers. This course generally has about 10 points, while the orange sometimes has 13 and the green has about 15 at some meets.

  We had 18 runners at this championship, which is good participation considering the fact that only 15 are required to qualify for the championships. 10 out of the 18 runners completed the course in under 2 hours, finding every point. 8 of the runners overall were freshman. The team did not qualify for nationals, but they still did really well for so many of the runners being freshman.

Photo taken by: